our philosophy

Ariza is active in organic products since 1991 and has grown into a big worldwide player with more 140.000 tonnes of organic fruit and vegetables handled every year.

Focus on organic controlled fruits and vegetables

Ariza has already more than a decade of experience in producing and processing organic controlled fruits and vegetables, which nowadays contains more than 90% percent of our business. Our controlled juices and vegetable are transferred into juices, purees, concentrated juices, natural colorings and frozen fruits.

We supply over 50 organic fruit and vegetable products directly from our stock to our clients.

Respect and Responsibility

With a key focus on respect and responsibility, Ariza opened her own production and laboratory facility in Turkey, in order to ensure maximal transparency and traceability for our clients. All products governed by accredited control organizations as FiBL.

Ariza, a strong and reliable partner

In Ariza, you will find the most reliable and flexible partner in controlled fruits and vegetables. Our ethical standards as well as our unique concept of total traceability of products, guarantee a very high level of consistent quality.

We strongly believe in our way of working and the pure passion of our people ensures our clients of a smooth and pleasant cooperation. We are more than just a trader

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