Our services


  • Drum dumper
  • Bin dumper
  • Crusher
  • 13 Blending tanks in several sizes
  • Pasteurizer
  • Aseptic filling
  • Filling tanks
  • CIP-unit


At our production facility we have the possibility to fill all different kind of fruit juice blends and compounds in different kind of packages. We also have the ability to crush frozen goods before blending if necessary. We can do this for:

  • NFC juices
  • Concentrates
  • Purees
  • Powders

For blending we have several sizes of tanks to make one homeogenous blend/compound for all blend sizes. After blending we can pack your product in the required package.

  • Cans
  • Metal drums
  • IBC containers,
  • ARCA containers
  • Goodpacks
  • Tankloads

Aseptic filling

We can do aseptic filling in order to maintain the flavor, color and nutritional benefits of fruit juices

In genereal there are several advantages of aseptic filling:

• In general a saving of energy as the final aseptic product does not need to be frozen or chilled
• The convience in handling the final product
• Ambient transportation
• Ambient storage

We have an organic certification and therefore can dump, crush, blend and fill for both conventional and organic juices.

Our facility is located in the South of the Netherlands this means we are located in a logistic hotspot for export to our neighbouring countries (Belgium, Germany, France) but also the rest of Europe. As a service we have the ability to crush, blend and fill all natural juices and compounds for you.