brix values

What is Brix?

Degrees Brix (°Brix), named after the German chemist A. Brix, is a relative measure of the amount of sucrose in a solution. Generally speaking, 1 °Brix is equivalent to a water-based solution containing 1% sucrose by weight.

How is Brix measured?

The Brix value is determined using a Refractometer. In short : this measurement is based on the determination of the critical angle of total reflection.  When light moves between two different substances (e.g. air and water) it is refracted. The Brix value appears in the digital readout.

Brix card

With this handy card you can easily read the Brix versus relative density and search the Brix values for direct juice and juice from concentrate.

Please follow the link below to view the Brix Value card:

Ariza Brix value card

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