The full and fresh flavor of our premium purees comes from the ripe fruits and vegetables, harvested in the best cultivation areas. It is best to produce purees with minimum heating so the fruit retains all its natural goodness. In Helmond (The Netherlands) we have our own production, blending and storage facility, which gives us the flexibility to hold a wide range of organic fruit and vegetable purees in stock, all year round.


Ariza produces fresh and fruitful single strength purees that give the right taste, color and mouth feel to your products. Our purees are 100% pure and consist of the named fruit only, without additives and preservatives. Therefore, they are ideal for producing smoothies, desserts, dairy products and baby food.


Purees can be packed in various packaging forms: bag-in-box and metal drums.

If you have any questions regarding our puree products please feel free to contact us by using our contact form or call us +31(0)492-528364.

Organic puree
Organic apple puree (low Acid) Organic strawberry puree
Organic pear puree (low and medium acid) Organic sweet cherry puree
Organic aronia puree Organic Açai
Organic blackberry puree Organic acerola puree
Organic blackcurrant puree Organic apricot puree
Organic blueberry puree (wild and cultivated) Organic banana puree
Organic buckthorn puree Organic guava puree
Organic cranberry puree Organic kiwi puree
Organic elderberry puree Organic mango puree
Organic lingonberry puree Organic papaya puree
Organic plum puree Organic peach puree
Organic raspberry puree Organic carrot puree
Organic redcurrant puree Organic pumpkin puree
Organic souer cherry puree Organic tomato puree

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